Hollister´s Hollister`s Classic

Hollister’s Classic

Manufacture series, 2 years warranty

Manufacturing year 2012
Cubic capacity 1460 ccm
KW/PS 45/60
Tyres Front: 120 Avon
Rear: 250 Avon


42.500 Euro

Leasing or financing possible, f. ex. for as little as 319 Euro monthly
Name and description Hollister`s Classic
Built and reconstructed by Hollister`s MotorCycles
Manufacturing year 2012
Construction time 4 month
Completion 2012
Model Classic
Engine RT 88 poliert
Manufacturing year 2011
Block RT
Cubic capacity 1460
Boring RT
Crankshaft RT
Oilpump RT
Carburetor Mikuni
Air filter RT
Manifold Hollister`s
Exhaust boxes Holli-Supertrapp
Ignition RT
Type 6 Gear
Manufacturer RT
Manufacturing year 2011
Gears 6
Clutch RT
Frame Hollister`s Classic
Manufacturing year 2012
Fork RST Classic
Fork bridges RST
Oscillating crank Hollister`s
Shock absorber Hollister`s
Front wheel RT Nitro
Rear wheel RT Nitro
Front Brakes 6 Kolben RST
Rear Brakes 6 Kolben RST
Front tyres 120er Avon
Rear tyres 250er Avon
Risers RST
Handlebar Hollister`s
Mirror CCE
Handles Rebuffini
Front fender Hollister`s
Rear fender Hollister`s
Fenderstruts Hollister`s
Bench Hollister`s
Tail light PW
Foot rest front Trittbretter Banana CCE
Foot rest rear Hollister`s
Gasoline tank Hollister`s
Oil tank MBC
Electricity Ness
Lamp PW
Turn signal Zwei Farben Design MB
Enamelling Chinchilla Met- Porsche

Data Sheet Hollister`s Classic

Colors: browngreybluegreenred