Hollister´s Custom Twin Standard

Custom Twin Standard

Manufacture series, 2 years warranty

Cubic capacity 1442 ccm
KW/PS 45/60
Tyres Front: 130 Avon
Rear: 250 Avon


29.500 Euro

Leasing or financing possible, f. ex. for as little as 319 Euro monthly
Name and description CT Standard
Built and reconstructed by Hollister`s MotorCycles
Model Custom Twin
Engine Rev Tech 088
Block Alu natur
Cubic capacity 1442cu
Boring 92,075mm
Crankshaft 107,97
Torque 77Nm bei 2400
Oilpump RT
Carburetor Mikuni HSR 42
Air filter RT
Manifold BSL
Exhaust boxes BSL/Hollister`s
Ignition Rev Tech
Type 6 Gang
Manufacturer RT
Gears 6
Clutch RT
Frame Hollister`s 32 2“ stretch
Fork RST
Fork bridges Hollister`s
Oscillating crank Hollister`s Alu
Shock absorber Progressiv Susp
Front wheel 3,5 x 18“ RT
Rear wheel 8,5 x 18“ RT
Front Brakes 1x 4 Kolben RST
Rear Brakes 1 x 6 Kolben RST
Front tyres 130er Avon
Rear tyres 250er Avon
Risers CCE
Handlebar CCE T Style
Mirror CCE EG
Handles CCE
Front fender Hollister`s
Rear fender Hollister`s
Fenderstruts Hollister`s
Bench Hollister`s
Tail light Hella
Foot rest RST
Gasoline tank Hollister`s
Oil tank Hollister`s
Electricity MBC
Lamp CCE
Turn signal Kellermänner
Enamelling Mini 871 darksilber BL PE

Data Sheet Custom Twin Standard

Colors: silverblackwhiteblueretyellowolivepetrolbrown